Friday, September 17, 2010


Oil Painting on Canvas
36 Inch X 27 Inch

Finally I was able to complete my first painting for drawing animal figure. Horse is one the best subjects to start with so here I am to present and publish the THE TRIPLETS with all. Initially i had lot of doubt that how this painting will come out but after completion it seems ok.

I am on a journey from drawing landscapes to figurative, animals, contemporary and abstract and need your support for the same.

Please Do Not hesitate to share your feedback/Comments this is really helpful for me.


Padmaja said...

The composition is nice Riya, the black one sandwiched between two white ones and the orange light glowing in the corner.The eyes are more decorative than natural, and perhaps your intention was that way.

Riya Rathore said...

Thanks Padmaja ... yeah earlier i was thinking of Brown color for the black one but was not getting the good look. then it took some time to decide the background ..

Jill and Haida said...

Hello Ladies:

I love The Triplets...they tug at my heart.


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